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The Full Story

A bit over 20 years ago, I found myself, once again, single and moving half way across the country to a new city with a new job. I was excited! Like the true party girl I am, I painted the town red, flirting and f*cking my way around my new city. Then I met him. I was smitten.


The first few weeks, I continued my wily ways, until I realized, this was serious, and he was NOT a party boy. If I was to continue seeing him, I would have to tone a good girl. I'd have to lay my devil horns down, pack them away and forget they existed. After all, I was getting older, maybe I should act my age?


Next thing I know we're moving in together. And not long after that, married. I was happy. I was living the American dream, with my dream man. Until he was no longer my dream man.


The day to day got the better of us and we went from f*cking like rabbits, to once a week at best. We had all the arguments....I don't initiate, he doesn't do enough of the things that turn me on, etc. After 10 yrs flashed before our eyes, we found ourselves leading a sexless life.


For the next 5 years, I felt like I tried it all, going down, going up, everything, but he just wasn't receptive. Come to find out he was no longer attracted to me. In fact, he hated my curves. I couldn't do anything right, exercise and lose the weight, and I was miserable. Get some meat on my bones, and he thought i was fat and lazy. I finally had enough. It was time to cut our losses and go our separate ways. Twenty years, down the drain. Now what?


I thought to do the only thing i knew, flirt and f*ck. But it had been so long, what do i even like anymore? Who am I anymore? Would anyone even like me...after all, I'd been programmed to be the "fat friend" and was always told i was "fat and lazy".


Screw it, i put myself out there anyway. Flirting and f*cking with all types of people. I started to make new friends, go to new places, wear different clothes, try makeup for the first time. People told me how gorgeous i was, they celebrated my body! Loved my curves! Soon I started to believe them. I made my first summer as a single lady a hot girl one!


I had a blast, so much so, I decided to work doing what i love, meeting new and interesting people, while at the same time make them feel cared for and cherished like I was now accustomed to after all those years. Almost three years later, living my best life, doing what i love, I believe everyone deserves affection and is deserving of companionship, even if it is only for a brief moment in time.

Let’s Get Together...

... and make some magic 

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